Week 5 Daily Creates

TDC 1352- Print all over

Today’s daily create was to take a photo of yourself and put icons all over it. I used Snapchat because I was familiar with it. I tried to think of something witty and creative such as their example of “ants in your pants” but I came up shorthanded. So I decided to promote recycling!

This photo to me was a way to promote recycling and show my environmental side. I’m always yelling at the other people in my apartment to recycle things and not to put the wrong things in the recycle bin.

I likes how there was so many recycling icons that they start looking like something else. The shadow i n the recycling look make the different color look very prominent when there are so many.

TDC 1354- Latte Art

Today’s daily create was to create latte art. A new fad, using the foam in a latte to make a picture, such as a flower or feather.

I thought this was a very neat assignment, however I was wary about my ability to use a photo editing device in this way. I first downloaded a latte picture and a picture of Channing Tatum. I used paint, because at the time that’s all I had, but I intent to start using Photoshop, for it’s higher quality. I cut out Channing’s face and then pasted it on the latte. I first had to make it smaller. Then, the photo I cut became a square and had a white area around his face. So I used different paint brushes and spray cans to cover up the white and then blend his face into the latte a little better. I used a color picker to take the colors that were already in the picture and add those to my table of colors so I can more exact and realistic colors. I think that Photoshop would have had a better way to do this, but I am still happy with the way that my project turned out.

I chose Channing Tatum because he’s hot and lattes are hot so I thought they went together well. A friend just asked me to see Magic Mike XL at cheap seats so maybe that was why I chose him too.

TDC 1357 Artsy or Not?

Today’s daily create was to put an Instagram photo into another picture. I looked through my photos on Instagram for one that had a background that I could replicate or look up on Google. I found one from the Beach exhibit at the Nation Building Museum in DC and used that one. I used the cut and paste tool in paint. I also found out that using the resize button in paint is a lot easier because it keeps the proportion the same and it does not become fuzzy when you make in smaller.

TDC 1358 Design your Own Road Sign

The last daily create I did was to create your own road sign. I decided to create one for the future, when we have hovercrafts and we will have to really watch out for birds because we will be up in the air. I created this using the shape, fill in, and the pencil tool in Paint.

x Kelsey


5 thoughts on “Week 5 Daily Creates

  1. What wonderful way to promote recycling! I didn’t even think of using Snapchat for TDC1352. It’s a lot easier and quicker than editing with a photo editing software like GIMP or Photoshop.
    Nice work on the latte daily create. I would probably freak out if I saw Tatum in my latte. Haha. #talkingpolack106

    Liked by 1 person

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