Hunna Acre Woods

All was good in the Hunna Acre Woods, Pooh was selling his honey on the black market, Roo just got his first girlfriend, Rabbit’s modeling career had reached new heights and he was the new spokesperson for Guy Gardner’s, Owl had became a successful pilot in the Air Force, Piglet overcame his fear of loud noises and opened up a bumping nightclub in New York City, and Tigger’s rap career had taken off. He had just released his first EP and the whole crew was getting together for the preview party. However, Eeyore was down in the dumps. While all of his friend’s lives were just beginning, he still didn’t know what he wanted to do. He had become very discouraged and even more depressed than his usual self. He hardly smiled, even his Snapchat stories revolved around sad selfies of himself.


Later on at the EP preview party. They heard one of Tigger’s new songs. However, because Roo and his girlfriend were there they had to censor the song.

While at the party Eeyore realized how nothing has changed in his life. He still lost his tail and his house of sticks still fell while he was sleeping. He needed a change. He needed to find what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He talked to Pooh who may have been under the influence of substances, but he explained to Eeyore about The Land of Milk and Honey. Pooh had always wanted to journey here, but his business was booming and he didn’t have time to leave. Eeyore decided that a journey is just what he needed. So he set off on his adventure, hoping to discover his true calling in life.

He traveled through forest and up mountains and finally arrived at The Land of Milk and Honey.


He watched as the bees cultivated honey and the cows produced milk. However, Eeyore was too big to get into the hive and couldn’t produce milk. The Land of Milk and Honey was not the place for him, it was the place for a bear like Pooh. As he was leaving The Land of Milk and Honey he saw an ad on one of the honey bottles and finally decided what he would do for the rest of his life…………..

At that very moment Mrs. Robin decided Christopher Robin needed to grow up, get a job, and move out of her home. She knew that the only way to make him grow up and leave his childhood behind was to burn the book that encompassed his childhood, enlarged his imagination, and kept him from growing up.

x Kelsey

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