Week 13 and 14 Daily creates

TDC 1408

The assignment was to draw a place in your dream. Immediately I thought of this reoccurring dream I keep having. In the dream I am a finalist in the last HOH competition of the hit reality game show Big Brother. The final HOH competition is between the last three players in the game. It’s divided into 3 three different competitions that each challenge a different aspect of the play. The first is usually endurance, then a strength/puzzle type competition, and the final is usually questions dealing with the house guests. The winner of the first automatically goes to the third and the winner of the second competes against the winner of the first. That person then chooses who they will take to the finale where the evicted house guest who became jury members will vote who they think should win. I always have this dream where I’m competing against an ex best friend and her sister, but the two of them are working together. In the competition we must carry over the round circles and  stack them on the other wall, but you must use them to climb up to the spot where they belong. The first time I had this dream I won and the second time I woke up before I finished the competition.

TDC 1410

Today’s daily create was to take a picture of the happiest part of your day. The happiest part of my day was lunch at Olive Garden with my mom. See the part of the external hard drive at the bottom of my picture. Yeah the worst part of my day was when I realized it didn’t save the documents and all the files on my computer and I had already wiped my whole computer. So bye bye documents! ):

TDC 1411


Today’s daily create was to take a picture of something red. My roommates boyfriend got an Xbox…….. and put it in our living room. So yay just what I always wanted him here all the time and now taking over our TV. So while he was setting it up a color choice was red. I don’t know why it’s saying that my picture isn’t available, however there it is above.

x Kelsey


The Assignment is Suspect

The chocolate milk at New Kent Middle School has gone missing and it’s up to the falculty and staff at the school to solve the crime and collect the clues. The principal Mrs. Frizzel and the teacher who is in charge of overseeing the milk deliveries, Mr. Feeny, are the lead investigators on the case. They set up a bulletin board in the main office to organize their leads and clues. Throughout the day the bulletin board filled up until the case was finally closed.

what happened with times 1
To protect the integrity of the case you need to click on the picture, in order to read it.
21679339778_7c20c55f28_o (1)
To protect the integrity of the case you need to click on the picture, in order to read it.

The Process

As it said to in the instruction I used Microsoft word to create the project. I used a picture of a cork board from google and then created text boxes and overlapped the images. Then I used the shape tool to create the lines in between. I struggled to upload the image. I’ve been trying to group several shaped into one picture, but have not been able to. I’ve tried several different tutorials on how to do it, but have come up short every time. So instead I screen shot the word image and then crop it and save it as a picture in paint. However, when I upload that to WordPress the image is fuzzy. Hence, I made it part of the story that you must click the picture to read it to protect the integrity of the case. I tried to upload it to Flickr, but I can not figure out how to embed pictures. I get the link and then paste it in WordPress and it does not work. Other than those the actual assignment was fairly easy and fun to do. I decided to do chocolate milk because that was the first thing I could think of and then I chose the characters based on different kid shows. And then as I wrote the clues the idea of the rocket ship came up. I didn’t plan things out first I just let it happen.

x Kelsey

Week 6 Daily Creates

TDC 1359- Combine your favorite logos

Today’s daily create was to combine two logos. I combined Coke-Cola and Nike. This combination showed the disastrous outcome of combining two logos that don’t go together. In order to make this I used Paint and combined the two logos and then cut out the red piece and paste them in the spot when the white from the Nike logo covered up the red line in the Coke-Cola logo. Then I colored in the rest.

TDC 1360 Draw something you bought today

I actually just realized you had to draw something you bought today for today’s daily create, but in that case I drew nothing because I bought nothing because I am a broke college student who is too busy to be buying things she can’t afford.

TDC 1361 Upside Down Day

Today’s daily create was to take a picture of something that would look cool upside down. I had a really hard time thinking of a subject to use for this assignment. And then I thought of those pranks where the water cups is upside down on a table. So I did that on our kitchen table and I put ice in it so the water was more dominant in the cup, then I placed a place-mat on the top of the cup so when I flipped the picture upside down it would be more complicated. This gave the picture more layers and made it more complicated when looking at it upside down.

TDC 1363 What can you see through the window?

Today’s daily create was to create what you see out your window. Since it’s raining and drowsy outside and there’s a hurricane on the way. I decided to exaggerate the amount of water we are getting. My suitemate has been freaking out about the hurricane coming, even though it’s probably going to miss us, and has stocked up on food, water, and supplies. So I decided to do the daily create based on what she sees out of our window even though it’s really only drizzling outside right now.

x Kelsey

Misty May-Treanor- Visual Assignment


The third Visual Assignment I did this week was for 2.5 stars. It was to make a poster of your favorite sports player. I did 3 time Olympian Misty May-Treanor. I retrieved the main picture and the USA Volleyball logo from Google. I then put the main picture into Paint an the logo into a different Paint tab. I put out the volleyball and the logos separately so that I could position them how I wanted. Before they were on top of each other. I used Paint to color in the white with the paint can tool and then I used the spray paint can to make it blend in with the sand more. Adding the words to the poster was a lot harder! I mover the new poster with the logo to Word and then made a textbox and made the writing I wanted and added color and what not. Since it was a textbox and not a picture I couldn’t merge the two together. So what I did instead was screenshot the page and the paste the screenshot in Paint. Then I cropped the portion out and saved it as an image and now I had a poster

x Kelsey

Bucket List- Visual Assignment

For my second visual assignment I did a 3.5 star assignment. We had to create a collage with four things on our bucket list. So first I had to chose my 4 things I decided on

  1. Visit every state in the U.S.
  2. Visit every continent (I have 4 left!)
  3. Go skydiving
  4. Be a contestant on CBS’s Big Brother

visual assignment bucketlist

I made this using Pic Collage. It’s super easy. I picked the cloud background and then posted the four images I had chosen to represent my four bucket list and then added text. I chose the clouds because they seemed to match my bucket-list items with traveling and skydiving. They’re also whimsical and a bucket list consists of dreams. The blue and white in the background match all of the pictures really well and then I put the writing on the left and the pictures kinda whimsical and slanted on the right to balance the image.

x Kelsey


I chose to do the photoblitzing activity an the Alzheimer’s walk on campus today. This way I could participate and support the cause and not feel bad for attending this and not working on my online homework and studying for my exam Monday.  This was also the perfect place to do this assignment because of the wide variety of people and the different tents.

This is my beginning photograph:


The five pictures I posted on Flickr were:

Take a photo of something at an unusual angle

I like how in this photo the angle makes the flowers seem as if they go on forever. The variety of colors makes the flowers more defined and the color at the bottom balances the lack of it at the top.

Take a photo dominated by a single color

I wanted to take a picture of all of the people in purple shirts, but everyone wasn’t clustered together before my time ran out, so I took a picture of the treetops that surrounded the area we were at. I like the holes where the blue shows through and the texture that can be seen in the picture. I also like how the leaves in the front that are closer to the center appear to stick out more and are a brighter, more vibrant green than the surrounding leaves.

Take a photo of two things that do not belong together

JMU tent and JMU students don’t belong at Mary Washington. This is kinda abstract and you would have to know where I am in order to understand the picture. I would be curious to see what people think the two things that don’t belong together are without knowing.

Take a photo that makes use of converging lines

I like how even though the lines are so perfect there are spots on the ground that cause disorder and draw your attention away from the lines.

Take a photo that expresses a human emotion

The child was very hesitant to talk to the clown, but he started to open up and waved back. So the emotion displayed is unsureness/ hesitance, but also excited and seeing new things.

Take a photo that expresses a human emotion

Okay so I had to do two, because I couldn’t decide which one I likes better. This one has a little back story so you have to know the meaning of the flowers that why I also put up the other one in case people didn’t read the descriptions.
So the couple in red: the woman has a yellow flower representing that she’s a care giver of someone with Alzheimer and her husband with the blue flower symbolizes he has Alzheimer’s. The way the woman looked at the man really conveyed a lot of emotions. Now the man in purple: he is the captain on the highest fundraising team and was the highest fund raising individual. His team name is Walking For My Mamma, he raises the purple flower symbolizing he has lost someone to Alzheimer’s, in this case his mom. He himself does not have it but he has so much passion for this cause because it took him mom’s life.

Other peoples work:

I was really unsure how you would take a picture to represent a metaphor of complexity. I went through this whole side show thinking it was about metaphors of complexity when applied to photography, but it wasn’t. However, it actually did help, because the picture at the beginning and end of the slide were a ball of rope tangled up but also in perfect shape and I thought wow that is complex photograph and a good example of a metaphor of complexity. I also googles photos to try to get a clear understanding and that really helped.

metaphor of complexity


I think this person did a really good job with her photography demonstrating a metaphor of complexity. The different shapes and colors show a complex and chaotic scene. As well as the different textures and patterns shown on the gems.


This photo didn’t say what the topic was, but I love this photo. I feel as if it demonstrates depth better than anything else, but that wasn’t a topic. I think that maybe this could represent openess, lightness, or converging lines. With openess I feel like the photographers other pictures would represent it better with the lack of the other ship. The whole photo is fairly light, however I think the best option is converging lines. The picture has a very strong horizon and the ship in the background has strong lines outlining it and cutting the horizon and then there is also the main boats sail which cuts through the horizon.


This photograph also doesn’t say what it is but its an amazing shot! It shows, openness, perception, an unusual angle, converging lines and I think it could also be a metaphor of complexity. I think the best options are an unusual angle, because its taken from so low and shows a wide background or a metaphor of complexity. I think a metaphor of complexity works because the starfish are very big and textured, then the rocks are smooth but still an object, and than you reach the water- no longer a solid object and it loos strong and powerful and then there’s the sky which again seems peaceful and serene. So it’s almost like switching from powerful to gentleness.

x Kelsey

The photo I am most proud of!


I am most proud of this photograph, I really like it because of the blurred lines. I think that the repeated horizontal line give the image depth. You can’t tell how large the paper is because the line go from edge to edge. On top of the articles I posted about reading in this blog, another article I read this week was about repeating patterns that stated:

Repeating lines helps capture the viewer’s attention. Parallel lines are comforting to the eyes. Vertical lines signify calmness and balance while horizontal ones indicate motion and vibrancy.

I can see the motion in my photograph. I think you can notice the motion of the pen along with the lines seem to just go on. I really likes this photograph that someone else took and how they wrote about the different effect so I decided that would be a good way to talk about my picture and show the techniques I learned this week.


  • Repetition: Multiple trees, simple repetition…positioned in an attention-grabbing pattern.

  • Balance: The right side of the image with the hand

  • Contrast: The reddish leaf-covered ground contrasts the greenery above, so do the shadows to the sunlight piercing from the front…excellent graphic interest is added thanks to the contrast.

  • Movement: The lines draw your attention to the hand, which draws your attention to the pen and the writing.

  • Proportion: The use of low camera angle helped create the ‘narrative’ of movement. It helped conceptualize that one of the trees, the one with the “Sun’s halo”, is somehow more important than the others. It’s a beautiful method of showing that size and color didn’t matter but another element, the Sun and its light, did.

  • Emphasis: The Sun has become a ‘cap’ for the tree in the middle…making it a center of interest. The shadow from this tree divides the photo till the bottom edge.

  • Variety: The yellow light of the sun is comforting to the eyes, and provides an attractive variation to the greenery in the scene. This is good because variety is more interesting than repeating the same element across an image.

  • Harmony: Besides the fact that the image depicts nature, you can see harmony because the picture has similar elements all across. The overall impact is uncomplicated and pleasant.

  • Unity: By effectively applying all the principles, the photographer was able to create a wholesome image.

My picture

  • Repetition: Multiple line, simple repetition…positioned in an attention-grabbing pattern.
  • Balance: The right side of the photo with my hand is a lot heavier and almost feels as if the picture is tilting to the right, while the left side is a lot softer and lighter.
  • Contrast: The white and blue lines contrast with each other, along with the size of the lines.
  • Movement: The lines direct you to my hand which directs you to the pen and the writing. The shadows from the hand and pen also direct you to the actual pen and writing.
  • Proportion: Most of the paper is blank which gives of an idea of new beginnings. While the empty space really directs you to the top right corner.
  • Emphasis: The emptiness of the photo seems to create an emphases on the pen and the writing.
  • Variety: The shadows that overlap the lines on the page add a little variety, and make the image more interesting.
  • Harmony: “You can see harmony because the picture has similar elements all across. The overall impact is uncomplicated and pleasant.”
  • Unity: “By effectively applying all the principles, I was able to create a wholesome image.”

By reading several different articles and watching some of the videos on photography I have learned about many different elements that encompass photography and the difficulty behind taking a good picture.

How to be a better photographer

Photography yay! I’m very excited for this section!

The three tips I chose to examine are

  1. Look to the light
  2. Change my perspective by changing yours
  3. Use the best lens

The first one I played with when I did my first daily create I used the different lights in my room to create different effects.

IMG_5024 IMG_5023 IMG_5022IMG_5021

The first picture has no lighting, the second one had both the main lap and a desk lap on, the third picture has the main lamp off, but the desk lamp on and shining directly on me, and the last picture was the one I turned in before playing with lighting. These pictures really demonstrate the effect of lighting on a picture. The first picture with no lamps on looks very grainy and fuzzy, while the other pictures were taken with the same device and don’t have that effect to them. I also looked up some photography lighting tips and found a couple that I really liked:

  1. The broader the light source, the softer the light. The narrower the source, the harder the light. A broad light source lessens shadows, reduces contrast, suppresses texture. A narrow light source does the opposite.
  2. The closer the light source, the softer the light. The farther the source, the harder the light. This stands to reason: Move a light closer, and you make it bigger—that is, broader—in relation to your subject.
  3. The farther the light source, the more it falls off— gets dimmer on your subject. The rule says that light falls off as the square of the distance. That sounds complicated, but isn’t really. If you move a light twice as far from your subject, you end up with only one-quarter of the light on the subject.

The second one was something that always strikes my interest. When I write I really like to watch the pen glide on the paper. I know this sounds weird but you know how some people find satisfaction from really well organized things well I like when the pen writes on the paper and I always thought that would be cool to record or something. So to demonstrate perspective in photography I took burst of me writing at different angles.

IMG_5152  IMG_5164  IMG_5201  IMG_5236  IMG_5253 IMG_5270  IMG_5294

I really likes how the angles changed the composition of the photo so drastically. My personal favorites are the second one from the side and the second to last one from the very bottom. In the second one I like how everything is really crispy and focused and how you can really see my hand and the tip of the pen. This is also the angle that I see it from while I’m writing with my head down. The second to last one I like how its unfocused and the lines are so fuzzy I like how you can’t read what I am writing, it gives it a mysterious feeling. I found a bunch of photography tips dealing with perspective on this webpage. Some of the perspectives include: Linear perspective is when relative size, shape, and position of objects are determined by drawn or imagined lines converging at a point on the horizon. Rectilinear is typical of what the human sees, lines that are straight remain straight. Vanishing point perspective deals with lines that are parallel to each other being perpendicular to the lens axis.

The third tip was to use different lens so I took three different pictures. This is the view I have while at work so I thought it would be cool to take pictures of what I stare at all day with different lenses to give myself a new perspective or outlook. The first one I used a regular lens and the other two I used fisheye lenses. The second one I had the fisheye lens horizontal and the third one the fisheye lens was vertical.

IMG_5305 IMG_5313 IMG_5312

I think the fisheye lens looks better than the regular lens. I feel as if it give the photo a new dimension and makes it look more 3D. Personally I like the vertical fisheye better and how it expands the floor more than the horizontal fisheye. Since I worked with the fisheye lens I looked up tips for that and found 5 Ways to Get Creative with a Fisheye Lens and 7 Tips to Master Your Fisheye Lens. Some of the best tips I learned were:

  • Use the edges: Fine details and subjects become lost when placed in the center of the frame, they should be placed close to the camera and along the edge.
  • Tilt up or down: The picture really changes depending on how you tilt it. Tilting upwards makes the sky bend towards the viewer, making the sky seem like a planet (in terms of the roundness and size). Tilting downwards will make the ground become a “planet”.
  • You can use the fisheye lens to exaggerate the curvature of the Earth by moving an object or line to the edge of the frame.
  • You can also use the lens to capture a picture of a whole ceiling.

I really enjoyed this assignment and learning new tips about photography. I’m excited to add these tips into my pictures throughout this course.

x Kelsey

Week 5 Daily Creates

TDC 1352- Print all over

Today’s daily create was to take a photo of yourself and put icons all over it. I used Snapchat because I was familiar with it. I tried to think of something witty and creative such as their example of “ants in your pants” but I came up shorthanded. So I decided to promote recycling!

This photo to me was a way to promote recycling and show my environmental side. I’m always yelling at the other people in my apartment to recycle things and not to put the wrong things in the recycle bin.

I likes how there was so many recycling icons that they start looking like something else. The shadow i n the recycling look make the different color look very prominent when there are so many.

TDC 1354- Latte Art

Today’s daily create was to create latte art. A new fad, using the foam in a latte to make a picture, such as a flower or feather.

I thought this was a very neat assignment, however I was wary about my ability to use a photo editing device in this way. I first downloaded a latte picture and a picture of Channing Tatum. I used paint, because at the time that’s all I had, but I intent to start using Photoshop, for it’s higher quality. I cut out Channing’s face and then pasted it on the latte. I first had to make it smaller. Then, the photo I cut became a square and had a white area around his face. So I used different paint brushes and spray cans to cover up the white and then blend his face into the latte a little better. I used a color picker to take the colors that were already in the picture and add those to my table of colors so I can more exact and realistic colors. I think that Photoshop would have had a better way to do this, but I am still happy with the way that my project turned out.

I chose Channing Tatum because he’s hot and lattes are hot so I thought they went together well. A friend just asked me to see Magic Mike XL at cheap seats so maybe that was why I chose him too.

TDC 1357 Artsy or Not?

Today’s daily create was to put an Instagram photo into another picture. I looked through my photos on Instagram for one that had a background that I could replicate or look up on Google. I found one from the Beach exhibit at the Nation Building Museum in DC and used that one. I used the cut and paste tool in paint. I also found out that using the resize button in paint is a lot easier because it keeps the proportion the same and it does not become fuzzy when you make in smaller.

TDC 1358 Design your Own Road Sign

The last daily create I did was to create your own road sign. I decided to create one for the future, when we have hovercrafts and we will have to really watch out for birds because we will be up in the air. I created this using the shape, fill in, and the pencil tool in Paint.

x Kelsey

“Knowledge is of no value, unless you put it into practice”

This week we learned a lot! It was a lot of new information and trial and error. I’ve never used Audacity so that whole process was very new to me. I still do not know how to save a YouTube video from YouTube, but I worked my way around it. I learned that Professor Polack usually gives us the tools we need and that I need to read the instructions better. I learned that SoundCloud does not take Audacity files and you need to convert to an MP3 before you can upload it. I used several new programs this week including Audacity, Sketchbook, Vintage it, VideoMerger, freesound.org and then I downloaded a couple other photo apps and started playing around with them. I’m not a fan of my voice so it was weird to have to record myself for some of the audio assignments. I learned that it is fairly easy to play around and change pitch, tone, etc. Overall I’ve really enjoyed how this week has taken me out of my comfort zone and made me try new things.

x Kelsey