Week 13 and 14 Daily creates

TDC 1408

The assignment was to draw a place in your dream. Immediately I thought of this reoccurring dream I keep having. In the dream I am a finalist in the last HOH competition of the hit reality game show Big Brother. The final HOH competition is between the last three players in the game. It’s divided into 3 three different competitions that each challenge a different aspect of the play. The first is usually endurance, then a strength/puzzle type competition, and the final is usually questions dealing with the house guests. The winner of the first automatically goes to the third and the winner of the second competes against the winner of the first. That person then chooses who they will take to the finale where the evicted house guest who became jury members will vote who they think should win. I always have this dream where I’m competing against an ex best friend and her sister, but the two of them are working together. In the competition we must carry over the round circles and  stack them on the other wall, but you must use them to climb up to the spot where they belong. The first time I had this dream I won and the second time I woke up before I finished the competition.

TDC 1410

Today’s daily create was to take a picture of the happiest part of your day. The happiest part of my day was lunch at Olive Garden with my mom. See the part of the external hard drive at the bottom of my picture. Yeah the worst part of my day was when I realized it didn’t save the documents and all the files on my computer and I had already wiped my whole computer. So bye bye documents! ):

TDC 1411


Today’s daily create was to take a picture of something red. My roommates boyfriend got an Xbox…….. and put it in our living room. So yay just what I always wanted him here all the time and now taking over our TV. So while he was setting it up a color choice was red. I don’t know why it’s saying that my picture isn’t available, however there it is above.

x Kelsey


The Great The Amazing: Misty May Treanor

The second assignment I did was worth 5 stars called Highlight Reels. And at this point I am very frustrated with video. I like the topics and all I just can’t find a good editing tool, my computer keeps freezing, and anything that can go wrong is. However I am being very careful about saving my work every now and then to prevent loosing it. *saves draft* I began by finding several videos and using a converter to download them. Most of the videos were unable to download, my best assumption is because hey were protected. SO I had very limited choices in videos. I then edited them and cropped and rearranged. I decided to add a title and that’s when things went wrong.

I had all of my clips picked out and I was adding a title to it.
And then this happened..
Luckily after shutting down the program it saved on it’s own.
And so the first thing I did was officially save my work.
And then it happened again!!!

Luckily again it auto saved, but it was still very very annoying. I wanted to put a background song in but in order to edited it I had to use Audacity. Yay! I really have missed Audacity.


I cropped the song and then made it fade out. Then I exported it and put it into the video editing app. I then had to change the length in Audacity again cause it was too long and repeat the process. And then Movavi stopped working once again and once again I had to close the program and then restore my work. I added a finishing title, which is done through the program and then I export my video and this time it’s the correct length so yay! Now I’m thinking about going back and trying to figure out the difference between the two projects and why the first video assignment I did was so long.

The editing software has a lot of cool features including different fades, titles, and effects. However, you cant edit sound in it which is a huge downfall. Although I liked the software I do not think this is the best one out there to use.

I think the choice of music was awesome! It lined up perfectly with the intro and the first hit of the video and it correlated with the video really really well without much tweaking.

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/144290761″>Misty May Treanor Highlight Reel</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user43207446″>Kelsey Stanbro</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

x Kelsey

Be Prepared To Cry- Compilation Video

The first video assignment I did this week was to make a compilation video. It was worth 3.5 stars. The assignment was to pick a theme, download multiple videos from YouTube that fit that theme, clip the videos, put them together, and ass music. My first thought was a video of great volleyball plays, but when I googled this it just came up with a bunch of compilation videos. So I decided to go a different route. My two ideas were Disney kisses or most important moments or the most tragic movie deaths. Well I decided to do a compilation video of most memorable movie deaths and I figured the best starting place would be a Buzzfeed article of movie deaths. However, Buzzfeed really let me down.


So I went to my second option Twitter with use to have a hashtag #fictionaldeathsIwillnevergetover. So I got some inspiration from that:

  • I am Legend- dog
  • Marley and Me- Marley
  • Bridge to Terabithia- girl
  • Harry Potter- Dobby, Dumbledore
  • Hunger Games- Rue
  • Titanic- Jack
  • Remember Me
  • Fault in our stars- Augustus Waters
  • The Boy in the striped PJs
  • The notebook
  • A walk to remember

I then looked up google videos of these death scenes. Which was actually kinda hard to find. For the ones I found I converted them so I could download them from YouTube, then I dropped it into Movavi Video Editor, and cropped the scenes. I was so use to working with Audacity that I kept trying to do things the way I could with that program. Once I had all the videos cropped I muted the videos and added a sad song.

I then exported and uploaded it to Vimeo- again I wanted to use audio technology and went to SoundCloud first. Vimeo took ages to upload and process the video, it was only 3 and a half minutes long. However, I then found out that it was uploading a 15 minute file. So it was uploading the part i posted plus 11 and a half more minutes of nothing. I tried to fix it using various tools and How To pages, however none of them worked. So now I have to figure out how to change this.


So I’m going to try another program called Filmora.


Which gave me more problems. And now I’m starting to stress how I’m going to finish my work with no program and I’m wishing I had a Mac where it just came with bomb video editing tools, although personally I don’t like Macs and I love my computer.


I tried retrying multiple times, I tried ignoring, and then finally I aborted and downloaded it again and WAHLAHH it worked!


So I finally got it to work and brought the video I made in the other program to this new program in hopes of saving it as a 3 minute video instead of longer. I then exported it, uploaded to Vimeo, and crossed my fingers. It ended up being the right length. The problem though was that I now had water marks for two different programs and the watermark for the second program was huge and right across the whole screen, where the other one just pops up momentarily a couple times. So I’m posting both videos just with the first one it says it’s 15 minutes but its not.

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/144213282″>Compilation of movie deaths</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user43207446″>Kelsey Stanbro</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

And here’s the one that is the right time, but has a HUGE watermark.

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/144282082″>Compilation of movie deaths</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user43207446″>Kelsey Stanbro</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

x Kelsey

Telling Stories Within the Web

For this assignment I got my inspiration from The Mountain Three Wolf Short Sleeve Shirt. I decided to do my post on Amazon as well for a One Direction cut out. One of my roommates is a huge One Direction fan so we had just watched the movie which must be why I thought of this idea. I also thought this would be a good way to tell a story by having him come alive. It’s not as funny as the shirt idea, but that one would be pretty hard to top. I’m also a little worried that some little kid is going to read that and think it actually happens and then be really disappointed when the order comes in.IMG_7027

In order to leave a review I had to create an account. However, after creating the account I got the above message that states one must have purchased something on their account to leave a review. So I used my friends account information to leave the message. You don’t have to had bought that specific product, but you do need to have bought something from Amazon.IMG_7031

In order to write the review I looked up facts on Harry Styles so that I could make it seem more realistic.IMG_7033Here is the review I left on Amazon:

He was alive!

I ordered Harry and he came in the mail so fast. I was a little worried that they just sent him in a box. I was hoping he was able to breathe in there and wasn’t too squished but he looked good when I took him out. He was a lot skinnier than he seems on stage. He immediately started singing “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder without even saying hello. This was what song he sang when he auditioned on X Factor. He then introduced himself and asked what I would like to do today. I didn’t want to sould like a typical girl who just say oh whatever. And since I know everything about One Direction I suggested we go to the Manchester United game. I knew he was a huge fan of the team so I figured he would enjoy it and I would enjoy anything with him. We sat with Ed Sheeran and David Hasselhoff and enjoyed an amazing game versus Middlesbrough. After the game we walked around Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England. We strolled the streets and talked about our lives. We soon arrived back at my house where he said that someone else had ordered him and that he now had to leave. I didn’t know that I didn’t get to keep him, but I enjoyed our day together and will cherish it forever. I would definitely buy this again and now he’s on sale.

x Kelsey

Spongebob’s resume

The second assignment, Character Resume, was 3.5 stars. The assignment was to create a character resume. I originally wanted to do Micheal Scofield from Prison Break because he would have an interesting resume and I figured that it would be origins. However I found that it was really hard to recall specifics and online didn’t have much. So I took the easy road and did Spongebob. I asked friends to help me think of ideas and then used my resume in Microsoft as the template and then changed some parts of it to better fit the criteria Spongebob fits.

Spongebob Squarepants

58 Pineapple Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean



  • Puff’s Boating School
  • Tentacles’ School of Art for a day


  • Krusty Krab fry cook
    • Over 14 years
    • Prepare specialty food such as Krabby Patties
    • Keeps the integrity of the restaurant against pickle stealers
  • Sang for the band at the Bubble Bowl
  • Sold chocolate with Patrick
  • Hall monitor for a day


  • The most gold stars for being a good noodle
  • Almost won a snail race
  • Saved Bikini Bottom
  • Convinced Squidward to try Krabby Patties


  • Good at karate
  • Volunteer Litter Patrol for Bikini Bottom Police Department
  • Jelly fishing and harvesting jelly for use in exotic cuisines
  • Competes in Krabby Patty flipping contests
  • Bubble blowing extraordinaire
  • Good at keeping and protecting secrets
  • Life guard for a day
  • Always ready!


  • Patrick Star
  • Eugene Krabs
  • Sandy Cheeks

x Kelsey

9 Lives Commercial

When I first read the assignment I thought we were making a commercial, so I was super excited thinking of all the possibilities. I really wanted to do a commercial for some cat costume or something and put the smelly cat song in the background, but then when I read it again to avoid what I did when I made my bumper I saw that it was suppose to be a commercial to keep your audience listening to the show so I guess something about the show. So I talked about the last two topics of our show, to advertise what was to come in the radio show.

I first recorded myself, then added an organ/spooky sound, then screaming when I talk about Sean and I’s section, then I added the Happy Halloween section to the end, and then finally a creepy laugh. The only editing I did other than cropping was to negatively amplify the organ lower so it wasn’t as loud. I got the organ/ spooky sound and screaming from freesound.org and I got the Happy Halloween section and the creepy laugh from YouTube and then I used the MP3 convertor to covert it so I could drag it to Audacity.

The more audio assignments I do the easier they become. This one was a piece of cake. I learned that I can click on a certain time and then paste a certain sound at that spot which helped a lot.

Here are the screen shots of the audio editor.

commercial 1 commercial 2 commercial 3

x Kelsey

Every Weekend’s a Weekend

Every weekend has a weekend? Well I guess it does Brad.. No the actual lyrics are every week has a weekend. For this 2.5 star assignment entitled Kiss the Guy you have to sing a song with the words as you thought they were. I thought Brad Paisley’s Crushin’ It said “Every weekend’s a weekend” It wasn’t until I was telling a friend how this line doesn’t make sense that I was told it’s “Every week has a weekend.” Glad I got that figured out before I saw him live.

In preparation for this assignment I reviewed a previous assignment called Confusion in Monkees in which the author thought the line was “and then I saw her face, now I’m going to leave her” instead of “and then I saw her face, now I’m a believer.” This was actually hilarious and I laughed out loud. While looking at this assignment I saw that the author of this blog only posted a little under 30 second of himself singing which made me feel more confident about this assignment.

I had wanted to do this assignment last time we did audio, but couldn’t think of a good example to use. I thought of Boss Ass Bitch by PTAF but I wouldn’t have felt confident or appropriate recording myself. My friend though the lyrics were ” I’m a possessed bitch” instead of “I’m a boss ass bitch” which is hilarious but I didn’t feel it was appropriate. Then while at the Brad Paisley concert two weekends ago I thought “Man I could have used this song” so I was excited when I got the opportunity to do another audio assignment.

In order to do the assignment I looked up a karaoke version of the song and played it off of my phone while I sang the lyrics and recorded it in Audacity.

After having completed the audio week this assignment was a lot simpler and faster. I knew that I couldn’t record while  playing the music off of my computer so I played it off of my phone and then when putting my assignment into Sound Cloud I knew that I had to export the Sound Cloud file so that I could upload it and then embed it into my blog post. This is what my recording looked like it Audacity.

crushin it screen shot

x Kelsey

Week 7 & 8 Daily Creates

TDC 1366

Today’s daily create was to create a pareidolia. A pareidolia is a picture that looks like something but is actually something else. At first I thought to use the vase that looks like two people’s faces. I had to do an art project on that picture in middle school, but then I decided to look up some examples of pareidoloia. I absolutely love this picture at first glance it appears to be someones eye, but then you begin to wonder about the bubbles and that’s when it clicks that it’s a sink not an eye. The main component of the picture is the sink drain and that is why one doesn’t notice the bubbles first glance. The drain dominates the photo and gives the appeal that it is an eye rather than a drain.

TDC 1368

Today’s daily create was to complete a short story adding on to:

tdc story

I decided to write about Titanic because that was the only story I can think of with a necklace and I wanted to relate it to a known story.

TDC 1369

Today’s daily create was to tweet a picture of what you will miss most about summer. I made a collage of four different pictures and then added summer themed stickers to it. I used a picture I took at sunset while at a beach house, a concert photo, a photo while hiking, and a picture while paddle boarding. These are the main things I’m going to miss about summer. I decided that instead of doing a classic collage I would spice it up by adding a background of flowers and stickers. I made this using an app called PicCollage.

TDC 1370

Today’s daily create was to look for cool designs. I decided to search them online because I’m not out and decided this was a creative design with a powerful message. I knew I wanted to do an environmental message because I think most of the advertisements with environmental messages are very powerful and I thought this was a good way to spread the idea. I found the ad on a website that had a bunch f other environmental ads on it.

TDC 1373

Today’s daily create was to create a drawing of your mood. I decided to use Paint and do an abstract “painting” of how I’m feeling. I’m in a very fall mood and it’s fall break, however, I’m very sick and a little overwhelmed as I look at all the homework I have to complete before Wednesday! So I used mostly fall color and just painted how I felt on to the computed screen.

TDC 1374

Today’s daily create was to write a poem using a word from a poem. I used the word forest from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem entitled Evangeline: A Tale Of Acadile. I used this poem to talk about deforestation and anthropological causes.

x Kelsey

The Assignment is Suspect

The chocolate milk at New Kent Middle School has gone missing and it’s up to the falculty and staff at the school to solve the crime and collect the clues. The principal Mrs. Frizzel and the teacher who is in charge of overseeing the milk deliveries, Mr. Feeny, are the lead investigators on the case. They set up a bulletin board in the main office to organize their leads and clues. Throughout the day the bulletin board filled up until the case was finally closed.

what happened with times 1
To protect the integrity of the case you need to click on the picture, in order to read it.
21679339778_7c20c55f28_o (1)
To protect the integrity of the case you need to click on the picture, in order to read it.

The Process

As it said to in the instruction I used Microsoft word to create the project. I used a picture of a cork board from google and then created text boxes and overlapped the images. Then I used the shape tool to create the lines in between. I struggled to upload the image. I’ve been trying to group several shaped into one picture, but have not been able to. I’ve tried several different tutorials on how to do it, but have come up short every time. So instead I screen shot the word image and then crop it and save it as a picture in paint. However, when I upload that to WordPress the image is fuzzy. Hence, I made it part of the story that you must click the picture to read it to protect the integrity of the case. I tried to upload it to Flickr, but I can not figure out how to embed pictures. I get the link and then paste it in WordPress and it does not work. Other than those the actual assignment was fairly easy and fun to do. I decided to do chocolate milk because that was the first thing I could think of and then I chose the characters based on different kid shows. And then as I wrote the clues the idea of the rocket ship came up. I didn’t plan things out first I just let it happen.

x Kelsey

Misty May-Treanor- Visual Assignment


The third Visual Assignment I did this week was for 2.5 stars. It was to make a poster of your favorite sports player. I did 3 time Olympian Misty May-Treanor. I retrieved the main picture and the USA Volleyball logo from Google. I then put the main picture into Paint an the logo into a different Paint tab. I put out the volleyball and the logos separately so that I could position them how I wanted. Before they were on top of each other. I used Paint to color in the white with the paint can tool and then I used the spray paint can to make it blend in with the sand more. Adding the words to the poster was a lot harder! I mover the new poster with the logo to Word and then made a textbox and made the writing I wanted and added color and what not. Since it was a textbox and not a picture I couldn’t merge the two together. So what I did instead was screenshot the page and the paste the screenshot in Paint. Then I cropped the portion out and saved it as an image and now I had a poster

x Kelsey