Telling Stories Within the Web

For this assignment I got my inspiration from The Mountain Three Wolf Short Sleeve Shirt. I decided to do my post on Amazon as well for a One Direction cut out. One of my roommates is a huge One Direction fan so we had just watched the movie which must be why I thought of this idea. I also thought this would be a good way to tell a story by having him come alive. It’s not as funny as the shirt idea, but that one would be pretty hard to top. I’m also a little worried that some little kid is going to read that and think it actually happens and then be really disappointed when the order comes in.IMG_7027

In order to leave a review I had to create an account. However, after creating the account I got the above message that states one must have purchased something on their account to leave a review. So I used my friends account information to leave the message. You don’t have to had bought that specific product, but you do need to have bought something from Amazon.IMG_7031

In order to write the review I looked up facts on Harry Styles so that I could make it seem more realistic.IMG_7033Here is the review I left on Amazon:

He was alive!

I ordered Harry and he came in the mail so fast. I was a little worried that they just sent him in a box. I was hoping he was able to breathe in there and wasn’t too squished but he looked good when I took him out. He was a lot skinnier than he seems on stage. He immediately started singing “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder without even saying hello. This was what song he sang when he auditioned on X Factor. He then introduced himself and asked what I would like to do today. I didn’t want to sould like a typical girl who just say oh whatever. And since I know everything about One Direction I suggested we go to the Manchester United game. I knew he was a huge fan of the team so I figured he would enjoy it and I would enjoy anything with him. We sat with Ed Sheeran and David Hasselhoff and enjoyed an amazing game versus Middlesbrough. After the game we walked around Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England. We strolled the streets and talked about our lives. We soon arrived back at my house where he said that someone else had ordered him and that he now had to leave. I didn’t know that I didn’t get to keep him, but I enjoyed our day together and will cherish it forever. I would definitely buy this again and now he’s on sale.

x Kelsey

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