Daily Create Story

Ollie woke up and was trying to think of something to do today.

After Ollie’s friend made him try this tongue twister he thought of the one that goes “Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore” and decided to go down to the beach for the day.

However, when he got there the beach was covered with trash, so he couldn’t photosynthesize.
He went to his friends house and they watched a movie, but everyone was just on their phones the whole time which made him upset because he wanted to hang out. He decided to call it a night and go back to his pot.

One thought on “Daily Create Story

  1. This is really neat how you brought the stories together, recognizing the personified plant DC as a good starting point to go around. I would have a hard time putting a beginning, middle, and end to such a short space, but it works well here. It is somewhat odd though, that so many of the photos we use are of things or actions that we find distressing. I suppose media is a way for any type of communication, but still…

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