Week 9 Daily Creates

Week 9 is stories in/of the web. I have no idea what this means which basically means I will be putting a lot of work in this week and Googling many things.

I really wanted to do Tuesday’s daily create. Which was to make a new dance move and record yourself doing it. I was at work when I read the assignment and was there until close at 9:30. When I got home my roommates were watching How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days so needless to say I didn’t get to do this assignment.

TDC 1382

The first daily create I did was Make Nature Stick People

I named my plant person Ollie. The plant itself we call Ollie, because it was given to us by my dad’s best friend when he passed away. We’ve had the plant since 1996, but obviously it has been around before that. So it’s over 20 years old. When I saw this assignment and knew I was going home I knew Ollie would be the perfect subject. I should have put him on our hardwood floor instead of the rug with all of the patterns so that he stood out more. I was kinda worried to move him a lot though because he’s old and fragile.

TDC 1383

Today’s daily create was to make a post about a place with

‘an evil twin or a twisted pair, happy places can have an ugly underside’. Is your happy place always happy? What is its underside.

My happy place is the beach or the ocean however this has many downsides.

tdc 1

The view and beauty of the beach is definitely not a downside. However the wind tends to mess up your hair. When you see models posing on the beach the only thing I can think is that there’s probably 8 people out their holding blockades to block the wind and then another with a fan to make sure it looks realistic and all. However, when us normal people step out onto the beach we end up looking like Donald Trump.

tdc 2

There’s also the sharks that have magically appeared in the ocean over the past couple years. And now THEY’RE INVADING. I don’t know who they thing they are coming into our ocean and biting us while were trying to enjoy our vacation. I mean what do we look like food?? So basically they’re ruining my happy place by making me fear for my life when entering the ocean, you can’t be happy when you’re fearing your life.tdc 3tdc 5 tdc 4tdc 6

And then there’s the pollution and trash that covers many beaches. Not only does this ruin my happy place but it hurts the animals in this ecosystem.tdc 7

And then when you sit back and think about the downsides of my happy place you realize that if humans weren’t here it would be a perfect place.

tdc 8

TDC 1384

Today’s daily create was to take a picture of people on their phones. I think this is a huge problem of our century. And I’m 100% guilty. We are so disconnected to everything around us. While having friends over to watch a movie they were both on their phones and I thought hmm this would be a good picture for my project. I made the one girl move but other than that this wasn’t really set up. I think this assignment has a lot of social implications.

TDC 1386

Today’s daily create was so tweet a tounge twister about DS106. I decided to use digital design because it was already alliteration. I also did not like this week so it worked out.

x Kelsey


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