9 Lives Commercial

When I first read the assignment I thought we were making a commercial, so I was super excited thinking of all the possibilities. I really wanted to do a commercial for some cat costume or something and put the smelly cat song in the background, but then when I read it again to avoid what I did when I made my bumper I saw that it was suppose to be a commercial to keep your audience listening to the show so I guess something about the show. So I talked about the last two topics of our show, to advertise what was to come in the radio show.

I first recorded myself, then added an organ/spooky sound, then screaming when I talk about Sean and I’s section, then I added the Happy Halloween section to the end, and then finally a creepy laugh. The only editing I did other than cropping was to negatively amplify the organ lower so it wasn’t as loud. I got the organ/ spooky sound and screaming from freesound.org and I got the Happy Halloween section and the creepy laugh from YouTube and then I used the MP3 convertor to covert it so I could drag it to Audacity.

The more audio assignments I do the easier they become. This one was a piece of cake. I learned that I can click on a certain time and then paste a certain sound at that spot which helped a lot.

Here are the screen shots of the audio editor.

commercial 1 commercial 2 commercial 3

x Kelsey


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