Stand Up


The fifth design assignment I did was Create your own logo for 2 stars. I created a logo for myself if I had a brand. I used “Stand Up” because my last name is Stanbro and I think this has a good message. I chose purple and black because they’re kinda intimidating yet cute colors and I feel like if I had a brand of say clothes it would have workout clothes and really cute stylish clothes so I wanted two colors that encompass that. I made the logo in Paint. I started by just brainstorming ideas. The way the S is drawn is something that was really cool in like 3rd grade and my brother use to draw it all the time. So I started just drawing that on my computer and then went from there.

logo 1

The first one I did looked really sloppy because I just hand drew it, so I started over and used the shape tool to create lines. This made the logo look a lot more put together and professional. Although I think I like the arrow I drew better and home it isn’t connected.

x Kelsey


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