Oh, the places you’ll go!

book cover

For my next design assignment I chose a 3 star entitled Children’s Book Cover. The assignment was to recreate a children’s book cover using shapes. The best way to do this from what I read in other blogs was to use Paint. Which was good news for me because that’s what I usually use for my assignments. I decided to recreate Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Suess. I started my making different colored circles with the shape tool. 1

I thought these circles were too big so I went back and made smaller ones. It wasn’t till just now that I realized that it was more of a cone.


I then filled in the circles with the paint can and made a person out of shapes at the top. I then cut and pasted the words onto the picture. My roommate saw me working on this and said that it was really good, but personally I don’t think it was my best work and when I look at the cover, which I’m saving to the end to show, I don’t think I nailed the recreation, but I think given that we could only use shapes I think it’s pretty good.  I think I could have done the circles a little more tilted and tried to encompasses the cone top better- however it would have been hard just using shapes.


x Kelsey


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