I chose this photograph to represent unity. I think the chest has a very unified pattern on it and then the carpet does as well so it adds to the picture. The individual pattern would not look whole without the repetitive pattern. If just the circleish square shape was there it would look out of place.


This sign represents a message. It’s a play on words and has a witty message. It accurately states it’s message and uses an arrow to emphasize the message.


This photograph represents color. I originally took it thinking it shows texture and texture would probably be a good design element, but that wasn’t one so I decided to use it for color. I think this is a good example for color because even though it is all one color the different layered petals make the color stand out and gives it different shades. The color draws your attention to the petals and the different elements of them. The coral color on the brown background also works very well together.


I really wanted to use this photograph. I decided to use it for use of space. I think that there’s several examples of space including the empty and filled space, the fuzzy and focused leaves, and the color and plain space.


This photograph represents dominance. Although it also send a message I found it interesting how the Stand a little taller was so much bigger than the words at the bottom- which I had never read before.


This one represents rhythm. Not only are the lines repeating. But there is also a sort of wave element to it that really gives it a sense of movement. There are light and dark lines to allow for the alternating elements. I really like how up top the lines are really dark and predominate where towards the left corner its more white and fuzzy.

x Kelsey

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