Vignelli Reflection

While reading Vignelli I thoroughly enjoy the quote he uses in the second paragraph of his book which states

Creativity needs the support of knowledge in order to perform

I think this is a great quote for this course. Although most of the students enrolled are either creative or have some interest in the topics, doing the different assignments with no knowledge of how to do it will not help us learn and create great pieces of arts. For example when we did the photography week- although we are all capable of taking a good photograph with the knowledge of how to take good photographs, we are more susceptible to taking better pictures.

The three main aspects of design in Vignelli’s opinion are semantic, syntactic, and pragmatic. semantics is the meaning behind the design. Syntactics includes the overall structure, the grid, the typefaces, the text and headlines, the illustrations, etc. Pragmatics is the idea of a simple design that needs minimal explanation. On top of these aspects when creating designs you need discipline, appropriateness. Discipline is a set of self imposed rules or parameters that we consider while creating works of design art. Appropriateness alludes to what is specific or works for a particular problem. Ambiguity is the idea of a design having more than one meaning and being interpreted in different ways.

I think his booklet had a lot of meaningful and useful information. However, I also thought that sometimes he seemed to not clearly define certain words and concepts but talk more abut what they do and the affects they have on the audience. I learned a lot from this article, but as someone who knows very little about the topic I personally could have used a more concrete definition of the concepts to better grasp the ideas.

x Kelsey


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