The Assignment is Suspect

The chocolate milk at New Kent Middle School has gone missing and it’s up to the falculty and staff at the school to solve the crime and collect the clues. The principal Mrs. Frizzel and the teacher who is in charge of overseeing the milk deliveries, Mr. Feeny, are the lead investigators on the case. They set up a bulletin board in the main office to organize their leads and clues. Throughout the day the bulletin board filled up until the case was finally closed.

what happened with times 1
To protect the integrity of the case you need to click on the picture, in order to read it.
21679339778_7c20c55f28_o (1)
To protect the integrity of the case you need to click on the picture, in order to read it.

The Process

As it said to in the instruction I used Microsoft word to create the project. I used a picture of a cork board from google and then created text boxes and overlapped the images. Then I used the shape tool to create the lines in between. I struggled to upload the image. I’ve been trying to group several shaped into one picture, but have not been able to. I’ve tried several different tutorials on how to do it, but have come up short every time. So instead I screen shot the word image and then crop it and save it as a picture in paint. However, when I upload that to WordPress the image is fuzzy. Hence, I made it part of the story that you must click the picture to read it to protect the integrity of the case. I tried to upload it to Flickr, but I can not figure out how to embed pictures. I get the link and then paste it in WordPress and it does not work. Other than those the actual assignment was fairly easy and fun to do. I decided to do chocolate milk because that was the first thing I could think of and then I chose the characters based on different kid shows. And then as I wrote the clues the idea of the rocket ship came up. I didn’t plan things out first I just let it happen.

x Kelsey


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