Week 6 Daily Creates

TDC 1359- Combine your favorite logos

Today’s daily create was to combine two logos. I combined Coke-Cola and Nike. This combination showed the disastrous outcome of combining two logos that don’t go together. In order to make this I used Paint and combined the two logos and then cut out the red piece and paste them in the spot when the white from the Nike logo covered up the red line in the Coke-Cola logo. Then I colored in the rest.

TDC 1360 Draw something you bought today

I actually just realized you had to draw something you bought today for today’s daily create, but in that case I drew nothing because I bought nothing because I am a broke college student who is too busy to be buying things she can’t afford.

TDC 1361 Upside Down Day

Today’s daily create was to take a picture of something that would look cool upside down. I had a really hard time thinking of a subject to use for this assignment. And then I thought of those pranks where the water cups is upside down on a table. So I did that on our kitchen table and I put ice in it so the water was more dominant in the cup, then I placed a place-mat on the top of the cup so when I flipped the picture upside down it would be more complicated. This gave the picture more layers and made it more complicated when looking at it upside down.

TDC 1363 What can you see through the window?

Today’s daily create was to create what you see out your window. Since it’s raining and drowsy outside and there’s a hurricane on the way. I decided to exaggerate the amount of water we are getting. My suitemate has been freaking out about the hurricane coming, even though it’s probably going to miss us, and has stocked up on food, water, and supplies. So I decided to do the daily create based on what she sees out of our window even though it’s really only drizzling outside right now.

x Kelsey


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