Misty May-Treanor- Visual Assignment


The third Visual Assignment I did this week was for 2.5 stars. It was to make a poster of your favorite sports player. I did 3 time Olympian Misty May-Treanor. I retrieved the main picture and the USA Volleyball logo from Google. I then put the main picture into Paint an the logo into a different Paint tab. I put out the volleyball and the logos separately so that I could position them how I wanted. Before they were on top of each other. I used Paint to color in the white with the paint can tool and then I used the spray paint can to make it blend in with the sand more. Adding the words to the poster was a lot harder! I mover the new poster with the logo to Word and then made a textbox and made the writing I wanted and added color and what not. Since it was a textbox and not a picture I couldn’t merge the two together. So what I did instead was screenshot the page and the paste the screenshot in Paint. Then I cropped the portion out and saved it as an image and now I had a poster

x Kelsey


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