I chose to do the photoblitzing activity an the Alzheimer’s walk on campus today. This way I could participate and support the cause and not feel bad for attending this and not working on my online homework and studying for my exam Monday.  This was also the perfect place to do this assignment because of the wide variety of people and the different tents.

This is my beginning photograph:


The five pictures I posted on Flickr were:

Take a photo of something at an unusual angle

I like how in this photo the angle makes the flowers seem as if they go on forever. The variety of colors makes the flowers more defined and the color at the bottom balances the lack of it at the top.

Take a photo dominated by a single color

I wanted to take a picture of all of the people in purple shirts, but everyone wasn’t clustered together before my time ran out, so I took a picture of the treetops that surrounded the area we were at. I like the holes where the blue shows through and the texture that can be seen in the picture. I also like how the leaves in the front that are closer to the center appear to stick out more and are a brighter, more vibrant green than the surrounding leaves.

Take a photo of two things that do not belong together

JMU tent and JMU students don’t belong at Mary Washington. This is kinda abstract and you would have to know where I am in order to understand the picture. I would be curious to see what people think the two things that don’t belong together are without knowing.

Take a photo that makes use of converging lines

I like how even though the lines are so perfect there are spots on the ground that cause disorder and draw your attention away from the lines.

Take a photo that expresses a human emotion

The child was very hesitant to talk to the clown, but he started to open up and waved back. So the emotion displayed is unsureness/ hesitance, but also excited and seeing new things.

Take a photo that expresses a human emotion

Okay so I had to do two, because I couldn’t decide which one I likes better. This one has a little back story so you have to know the meaning of the flowers that why I also put up the other one in case people didn’t read the descriptions.
So the couple in red: the woman has a yellow flower representing that she’s a care giver of someone with Alzheimer and her husband with the blue flower symbolizes he has Alzheimer’s. The way the woman looked at the man really conveyed a lot of emotions. Now the man in purple: he is the captain on the highest fundraising team and was the highest fund raising individual. His team name is Walking For My Mamma, he raises the purple flower symbolizing he has lost someone to Alzheimer’s, in this case his mom. He himself does not have it but he has so much passion for this cause because it took him mom’s life.

Other peoples work:

I was really unsure how you would take a picture to represent a metaphor of complexity. I went through this whole side show thinking it was about metaphors of complexity when applied to photography, but it wasn’t. However, it actually did help, because the picture at the beginning and end of the slide were a ball of rope tangled up but also in perfect shape and I thought wow that is complex photograph and a good example of a metaphor of complexity. I also googles photos to try to get a clear understanding and that really helped.

metaphor of complexity


I think this person did a really good job with her photography demonstrating a metaphor of complexity. The different shapes and colors show a complex and chaotic scene. As well as the different textures and patterns shown on the gems.


This photo didn’t say what the topic was, but I love this photo. I feel as if it demonstrates depth better than anything else, but that wasn’t a topic. I think that maybe this could represent openess, lightness, or converging lines. With openess I feel like the photographers other pictures would represent it better with the lack of the other ship. The whole photo is fairly light, however I think the best option is converging lines. The picture has a very strong horizon and the ship in the background has strong lines outlining it and cutting the horizon and then there is also the main boats sail which cuts through the horizon.


This photograph also doesn’t say what it is but its an amazing shot! It shows, openness, perception, an unusual angle, converging lines and I think it could also be a metaphor of complexity. I think the best options are an unusual angle, because its taken from so low and shows a wide background or a metaphor of complexity. I think a metaphor of complexity works because the starfish are very big and textured, then the rocks are smooth but still an object, and than you reach the water- no longer a solid object and it loos strong and powerful and then there’s the sky which again seems peaceful and serene. So it’s almost like switching from powerful to gentleness.

x Kelsey


One thought on “Photoblitzing

  1. These were some wonderful photos! It sucks that it was a bit dark and muggy today, but that didn’t affect your photos one bit. I can see the human emotion in the photos and the vibrant color of the green trees. I love the angle that you used for the flowers, it really does seem like they go on forever. #talkingpolack106

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