Commenting in week 4

This week I only had two comments from DS106 students. I enjoyed reading other peoples blogs on which audio story they chose to listen to. Although the one I listened to was interesting, I didn’t like it in terms of focusing specifically on the music correlating with the stories. Most of the music was used to show changes in topics where this blog talked about listening to Ghost stories and how the story and sound effects correlated. Such as a water gurgles or type writers. Miranda who wrote that blog also commented on my blog mentioned that she read my About Me page and asking questions about my major which was really cool. The other comment on my blog was somewhat weird and not really constructive.

After last week’s controversy, I decided to do an about-face for these reviews, starting with this one. The straightforward method, of reviewing the stories you heard, does suit you, but before everything gets turned in tomorrow, I would recommend reading over your previous entries, and making sure that your sentences were properly constructed. All in all, though, this was a good piece. #talkingpolack106
I didn’t really know what he meant by “last week’c controversy” and what an “about-face” review is. But this review seemed to lack helpful criticism on the content of my posts.  He tells me to review my previous entries which I will be sure to do, but I’m not sure if he means all of them or just the one he’s commenting on. I just feel as if it lacks an actual critique o the content and the purpose of my blog post.
From other blogs I read this week I learned several things. From this blog I learned about Sketchbook which is an app that allows you to draw on pictures and just in general. I downloaded the application and I’m excited to get a chance to use it. I have a touchscreen laptop so I think this application will work really well with it. I felt as if Miles and I had the same opinion on Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad’s videos. We both seemed to take away the same key points.
x Kelsey

One thought on “Commenting in week 4

  1. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over the one piece critcism that you received. I have read a good portion of your work, from what I have seen it has been fine. If there are errors in it, that just proves that you are human.

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