Stalking Zac Efron- Audio Assignment 1665


The first audio assignment I did for the week had 3 stars. It’s called “Have a Phone Conversation WIth Yourself.” I started this assignment by typing up a transcript in word. This way I would have the just of what I wanted to say and what the topic of the phone conversation would be and then I could kinda add in some of my own words and emotions as I read the script. I first tried to record it on my phone with an app called Recorder. However when I then sent this to my email I was unable to convert it to the appropriate file in order to upload it to Audacity to edit. I then tried to play the recording on my computer and record on Audacity, but Audacity did not pick up the sound coming from the computer. So then I played it off of my phone and recorded it through Audacity and that worked. Then I started edited, once I figured out how to select sections of audio, it was quiet easy. I played around for a little bit and then decided that changing the pitch would probably work best. I found a pitch that worked for each character and wrote down what is was so I could replicate it on each segment. In the end I think my assignment turned out fairly well and tells a humorous story with a twist at the end. I uploaded both the original with just my voice and the edited version to my Soundcloud in case anyone wanted to compare the two.

x Kelsey


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