Audio Storytelling

I watched Part 1 and 2 of Ira Glass’ talk on storytelling. From that I learned that unlike writing, when you have a topic sentence and facts, broadcasting consists of an antidote and a moment of reflection. An antidote is a sequence of actions that answers questions along the way. A moment of reflection tells the point of the story. There are two problems with moments of reflection some are a really good story, but mean nothing and some are boring stories with good meanings. This I will use when I begin making my own audio stories. It will help me better structure and tell my story through audio.

I never knew that you could get a job reviewing ideas for radio shows. Kinda seems like a good job. It’s weird to think about how much goes into one broadcast and how long they work on it to get the perfect show. Part 2 talks about how these people must throw out a lot of ideas just to find a good one. Glass stresses that you cant be afraid to throw out ideas and get rid of ideas that didn’t work how one wanted.

Jad Abumrad video How Radio Creates empathy speaks about how because radio lacks pictures you must describe what would usually be seen. As a result of this people are connected because they must fill the gap of the lack of pictures.

I’m excited for the rest of the week and to learn more about audio assignments and what encompasses and makes an audio assignment an audio assignment.

x Kelsey


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