Tell a Story in 5 Frames

IMG_4458 IMG_4554IMG_4558 IMG_4555 IMG_4556

I chose to do Tell a Story in Five Frames. I knew that I wanted to do a story about a girl in bed and then she sees a shadow and is scared, but it’s actually just a stuffed animal. Unfortunately, not a lot of people have stuffed animals in college so I ended up using this owl that we had for decoration in our room. I really likes the shadow that it created and how my arm appears looking almost branch like. I made the photos black and white to give more of an effect of the lights being off. I really liked how my project came out


2 thoughts on “Tell a Story in 5 Frames

  1. When I saw the first shadow I thought it was going to be a monster or something similar. It is creative that you decided to go against the norm and make the shadow a stuffed animal. The black and white color meshes perfectly with the story because it is a night setting and the lack of colors creates an ominous and uneasy feeling. I don’t think I would choose an owl for a stuffed animal especially for sleeping. I have stuffed animals from as a small child and no owls unfortunately. #ds106 #talkingpolack106

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  2. I really like this! It’s such a relatable and relevant story to almost all people. And it’s get at greater meaning too for different people, because were all afraid of things we misinterpret or can’t see clearly. Given that anyone could get a meaning out of these pictures, I think you accomplished this digital story perfectly!

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