TDC 1339- Her computer crashed and ate her work! Cheer @KelseyStanbro up

Well I woke up today to this daily create, which made me feel really awkward, because it’s based upon a tweet I tweeted September 3rd.

At first I just thought someone tweeted at me regarding the tweet and then I got on my computer to check what today’s daily create was and I saw the same post that had been “tweeted at me.”

FullSizeRender (1)

I immediately texted my 2 best friends and my mom, who didn’t understand the whole thing and what a daily create is so I texted my roommate, who took the course before. And we basked in how awkward this daily create is. Throughout the day my phone kept buzzing with Twitter notifications and I felt like I needed to respond or at least favorite all the daily creates because they were to me and they were all really nice. This brought me to another question… Can I do this Daily Create? lol I figured who best to cheer me up them me? (even though this happened awhile ago and I fixed most of it and redid the rest and now I’m completely over it, but everyone can use a good laugh or cute puppy picture right?) So here is how I decided to “cheer myself up.”


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