Appreciating Past DS106 Stories

I chose to look at a final project entitled Swarley the Missing Dinosaur. The writer of the blog Christine starts with “Once upon a time” which I thought was funny because in my blog post I talked about how I think of this phrase when I think of storytelling. What was really funny was the other phrase I think of is “Happily Ever After” but Christine ended it with a funny and disastrous end and then she writes “The End.” I believe this is a digital story because it tells a story while encompassing videos, pictures, and sound.

She starts off the story my writing about a dinosaur that lost his parents, he went looking for them in the dark with his camcorder and this is what he saw/heard

He didn’t find his parents, but he remembered he had a picture collage of his family.


This didn’t cheer him up much so he wrote a poem.


The poem also didn’t work, so he went to bed. The next day he heard music so he followed the sound. He heard an announcement on the radio from his parents talking about how they lost Swarley.

Swarley was soon reunited with his parents. Unfortunately, a week later all the dinosaurs were killed off by a meteor.

This story works well on it’s own. It’s not exactly what I pictured for a digital story, but that’s why I’m in the course, to learn what a digital story is. I guess I just pictured something maybe a little more elaborate or with less writing. Overall I enjoyed the theme of this story and I really like that she added the SoundCloud. I think it would have been neat if instead of a photo collage she did an interactive book that you could flip.

x Kelsey


One thought on “Appreciating Past DS106 Stories

  1. This past post is cool, I like how she used “Once Upon A Time” because that really connects with storytelling when we were younger! Its interesting how that phrase is still used now too. I liked how she included multiple digitals with the SoundCloud, video, and pictures. She really encompassed all the aspects she could. Good post!! #talkingPolack106

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