What do I think Storytelling means?


When I think of storytelling I think of fairy tales and phrases such as “Once Upon a time” and “Happily Ever After.” I may just take this point of view being a girl and growing up being read and reading these kinds of stories, however I can grasp the idea that story telling is more than just fairy tales and princesses. Storytelling in my opinion is conveying something that happened in a detailed response, simplified it’s telling a story. I think of books such as Little Red Riding Hood, the 3 Little Pigs, Goldie Locks, etc. I think it is valuable to point out that most of these stories are fiction and include talking animals and fables, as that may play a role in the definition of storytelling.

When one says digital storytelling I think of telling a story through pictures, videos, and other forms that I don’t know about yet with limited or no words, but there could be dialogue. I’m not sure how to differ from the definition of digital storytelling and a movie or if there is a difference. I think of an ICarley episode where Spencer is creating a video with figurines and hes just capturing frame after frame with just adjusting the stances of the figurines.

x Kelsey


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