TDC1333-A movie scene in English…slang

This is the scene where this dialogue takes place.

I thought we were doing a week and a half of photography so I was somewhat confused when today’s Daily Create was writing, but I enjoyed this assignment and it was easy to post to The Daily Create page (yay!). Today’s assignment had us take a scene from a movie and exchange some of the words or lines with British slang. I liked this assignment because I have never heard of some of these words, so it was really neat to learn new words. I chose the scene from Step Brothers where the brothers ask to build bunk beds. This was the first movie that popped into my head, for whatever reason and this scene is one of the more notable ones from this movie. So here’s my newly improved British slang script.

Brennan: “Is this a dodgy time?”

Robert: “What the bollocks is going on?”

Brennan: “Mom, Mr. Doback, okay, Dale and I were just—“

Robert: “Please stop calling me Mr. Doback. Okay?”

Brennan: “Sorry. Okay, Mom, mate Doback… We think it would be very brilliant–“

Dale: “Can we turn our beds into bunk beds? “

Brennan: “Yes.”

Nancy: “Why are you guys so knackered?”

Dale: “Alright, we’ve already figured out how. The beds match up like the bee’s knees.”

Brennan: “And here’s the thing. It’ll give us so much extra space in our room to do activities.”

Dale: “Please say yes otherwise we will be gutted.”

Robert: “You don’t need permission from us to build bunk beds. You’re adults. You can do what you want.”

Dale: “So…?”

Robert: “I’m not making myself clear, this conversation’s gone all to pot! I don’t give a tosh. Now, you both have several interviews tomorrow. I would think you’d be focused on that and not building bunk beds. You better not skive tomorrow.”

Dale and Brennan: “So…?”

Brennan: “We can? No?”

Nancy: “Yes.”

Brennan: “Blinding!”

Nancy: “Yes, you can build bunk beds.”

Dale: “Brilliant.”

Brennan: “Cheers! We won’t cock up. This won’t be a damp squib. We’re gonna get so much more activities done.”

Dale: “This is the crackingest night ever! Hunky-dory!”

Brennan: “Ace!”

x Kelsey


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