Meet Kelsey

Hello! My name is Kelsey Stanbro. I am a junior working towards becoming a Marine Conservation major with a minor in Environmental Sustainability and Business. I named my website Kelsey’s Kairos, because

1. I have another blog called Keeping Up With Kelsey so my usual name was taken.

2. Kaleidoscopic Kelsey was also taken, that’s what I originally wanted for my first blog.

3. I’m a fan of alliteration so I was looking for a word that starts with K that would describe me or what I like. Then I found Kairos which is an ancient Greek word the means the right or opportune moment or the Supreme moment. Personally I don’t believe there ever is a perfect moment for something, but I do believe you can create a “Perfect or supreme moment.” So my blog will be filled with supreme (and not so supreme) moments of my life.

Here's me playing volleyball for The University of Mary Washington.
Here’s me playing volleyball for The University of Mary Washington.
This is when my best friend and I explored DC and went hiking in Great Falls.
This is when my best friend and I explored DC and went hiking in Great Falls.

A little more about me; I’m athletic, adventurous, and spontaneous as you can see in my Flickr pictures. I love to travel and see the world or even just explore my own town. I went to South Africa this past December and had the most incredible experience ever! On my Sound Cloud I posted a clip of an amazing scene I captured while at Kruger National Park. I caught a male elephant on video warning off another, much smaller male, elephant to stay away from his pack of females. The more dominant elephant was in musk which caused this aggressive behavior. Just from the sound clip you can tell how close we were to the incredible sight. I also really like this sound without the visual (Although the video is truly spectacular) because to me it almost sounds like a lions roar.

My family includes my father, mother, and older brother. My father is a retired Master Sargent in the Air Force. He now runs his own businesses and I am always helping him with social media accounts to promote it. When I told him about the course and the work for week one he was immediately interested and wanted to join. I even tweeted my first #ds106 tweet about him wanting to join and received a lot of responses! I didn’t realize how big the ds106 community is, it’s actually really neat how much help and support poured in immediately. In fact now he is signed up for the course. I’m pretty sure this is taking father-daughter bonding to a new level, but at least I won’t have to keep teaching him about social media.

Here’s my first #ds106 tweet and some of the responses I received.

My mom was a first grade teacher, but now she also runs her own business and my brother is in the Air Force.

Personally I think I’m pretty funny and so does my mom, so you should follow my Twitter (@KelseyStanbro) so that you can laugh along with me. Speaking of being funny my Vimeo page already has a video of me embarrassing myself this summer while attempting to wake board. The reason I chose this video is because my friends and family have been urging me to put it out on the web in hopes that someone from AFV or Ridiculous finds it. My roommate’s boyfriend broke up with her and she said she just watched this video on repeat for a good chunk of time. I hope it brings you a good laugh or two.

Along with providing my friends and family with a good laugh I also walked away with this gnarly bruise that left people questioning if I was in an abusive relationship.. no I just can’t wake board.

IMG_9843 IMG_9847I feel like this has been a pretty good introduction and I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my life. Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought and don’t forget to follow and check out my other accounts Flickr,  Sound CloudTwitter, and Vimeo.

X Kelsey


5 thoughts on “Meet Kelsey

  1. I enjoyed your post and also laughed at your video of wakeboarding, and I was there, but I still laughed. I’m not sure how the keep up with you on this blogging tweeting and other social stuff. I thought I was doing good just having a Facebook account.

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